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Toyama Bay Sushi

A sushi shop in a great location right next to Uozu Station, where you can enjoy the freshest toppings sourced directly from Uozu Port. The rice used at Tasukezushi is supplied by a farm that grows rice that pairs exceptionally well with the shop's toppings, through an exclusive contract. The black scraper, an Uozu-brand fish, is also popular during its season, in January and February.



Toyama Bay Sushi
Store Name Tasukezushi
Address 10-14,Ekimaeshinmachi,Uozu City,Toyama
telephone number 0765-24-7357
business hours 16:00~24:30
Regular holiday Irregular holiday
Set price 3,000yen(cash only)
Reservation benefits one piece of sushi
Number of seats 20
parking lot 1