Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

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Toyama Bay Sushi

This sushi restaurant lets you indulge in fresh and local toppings. The shop is always busy with regular customers thanks to the owner's friendly attitude and the shop's cozy atmostphere. Many tourists also walk in after seeing the shop's signboard at the roadside station. Their motto is fresh, delicious, and affordable. We recommend their hot-pots during the cold winter season.



Toyama Bay Sushi Motenashi Ikkon
Store Name Ishimatsusushi
Address 12-17,Nakashinminato,Imizu City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-84-7555
business hours 11:30~22:30
Regular holiday Irregular holiday
Set price 2,500yen(cash only)
Reservation benefits Small pot dish
Number of seats 40
parking lot 6