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The popular Shiroebi-don is a rice bowl lavishly filled with glass shrimp for you to enjoy. The Kanichirashi-don (crab chirashi rice bowl) with tomalley is on the hidden menu, but you can order it on the day you walk in without a problem. Fish-head soup is also complementary with any order during lunch time!

Admiral appearance Interior
Store Name Naniwasushi
Address 13-15,Nishishinminato,Imizu City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-82-6800
business hours 11:30~14:00,16:30~21:00
Regular holiday Monday
Set price 2,500yen
Reservation benefits one piece of sushi
Number of seats 85
parking lot 20
homepage address http://www.naniwazushi.com/tenpo/honten.html