Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

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Toyama Bay Sushi

Located near Shinminato Fishing Port, this sushi restaurant features an impressive lineup of seasonal seafood from Shinminato Bay. If you reserve in advance, you will be able to try some of the limited amount of glass shrimp miso as a snack or part of a Battleship Roll. The glass shrimp chawanmushi is the pride of this restaurant, and is available all year round.



Toyama Bay Sushi
Store Name Kiyozushi
Address 10-10,Minatomachi,Imizu City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-84-0151
business hours 11:30~13:30,16:00~21:00
Regular holiday Monday
Set price 2,500yen(cash only)
Reservation benefits Small pot dish
Number of seats 27
parking lot 6