Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

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Toyama Bay Sushi

A sushi restaurant that uses local Koshihikari rice and fresh local fish from Himi. Try the sushi without any soy sauce in order to experience a true seasonal fish aroma. Nikiri, ponzu, salt, and grilling bring out the flavor of all the toppings. Come enjoy carefully crafted sushi made by a hard working artisan to your heart's content.



Toyama Bay Sushi
Store Name Sushiya-no-Joko
Address 1-50,Mashima,Himi City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-72-6167
business hours 11:30~22:00
Regular holiday Thursday
Set price 2,000yen(Credit Cards Accepted;VISA/UC/MASTER/DC/UFJ/NICOS)
Reservation benefits one piece of sushi
Number of seats 15
parking lot 8