Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

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Toyama Bay Sushi

A sushi shop near the Himi City Hall. Serving not only fresh local sushi, this restaurant also prides itself in its seasonal dishes. Experience exquisite flavors with a set that combines Toyama Bay Sushi with Himi Beef. The Shokado Bento (3,500 Yen) lunch and the Sushi Kaiseki (starting at 6,000 yen) for dinner are also recommended. (Reservations by the day before are necessary, including for Toyama Bay Sushi.)



Toyama Bay Sushi
Store Name Sugaryu
Address 7-19,Marunouchi,Himi City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-72-0394
business hours 12:00~14:30,17:30~21:30
Regular holiday Irregular holiday
Set price 3,500yen(cash only)
Reservation benefits dessert
Number of seats 20
parking lot 2