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This shop serves fish selected by the shop owner himself every morning at the seashore auctions in Himi Port. There are omakase (chef's choice) dishes made with seasonal fish, and a set course that changes every month, letting you taste the best in fresh local fish from Himi, a treasure trove of seafood. With many different kinds of local sake, the shop owner will also recommend what liquor goes the best with each topping.

Admiral appearance Interior
Store Name Sushiyoshi
Address 185-1,Shimotako,Himi City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-91-4080
business hours 12:00~14:00,16:30~22:00(weekend12:00~22:00)
Regular holiday Wednesday
Set price 3,000yen(Credit Cards Accepted;VISA/MASTER/Rakuten/Mitsubishi/USJ/NICOS)
Reservation benefits Small pot dish
Number of seats 63
parking lot 30
homepage address http://www.himi-sushiyoshi.co.jp