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Sushi Yauchi

Toyama Bay Sushi
寿司:Sushi Yauchi

Fresh local fish from Toyama Bay, as well as pickled mackerel, pickled crimson sea bream, and Shiomiaji glass shrimp eggs are popular at this sushi restaurant. In the fall, this shop also serves homemade seasoning made with salmon roe from Himi. The shop owner's wife speaks English, to make it even easier for foreign customers.



Toyama Bay Sushi
Store Name Sushi Yauchi
Address 14-13,Himimachi,Himi City,Toyama
telephone number 0766-74-0039
business hours 12:00~14:00,17:00~22:00
Regular holiday Thursday
Set price 2,500yen(cash only)
Reservation benefits one soft drink
Number of seats 17
parking lot ×