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About Toyama Bay Sushi

Toyama Bay is dubbed “nature’s fish tank” for the short distance between fishing grounds and port. This treasure trove of marine resources is home to both warm-water and cool-water fish, which are hauled to shore fresh. Toyama Bay Sushi prepares these just-caught, delicious ingredients into the finest sushi year round. Only visitors to Toyama can delight in the best sushi—Toyama Bay Sushi.

Treasure of Seafood Seasonally fresh local sushi from Toyama Bay

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※Please note that occasionally local ingredients may not be available in sufficient amounts due to bad weaher. The chef will explain the situation to customers and substitute some toppings with from those from locations other than Toyama Bay.

◎The chef greets all customers with an explanation of in-season ingredients.
◎Customers who make a reservation at least one day before their visit are offered compliments of the chef(e.g., asingle serve dish)